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Police & First Responders

Messaging & Counter

In today’s social-media driven, politically-charged climate, our public servants are under more scrutiny than ever. People are now able to record and broadcast every interaction within seconds. While this is positive in terms of transparency and accountability, certain individuals use this to exploit officers and officials for personal gain. This serves to undermine the public’s confidence and ultimately reduces our public servants’ capacity to perform essential duties.

Our Messaging & Counter Exploitation course will help your organization take control of the narrative. Designed to bolster soft skills, this program enables individuals to identify and counter the common tactics used by “exploiters”. We also discuss how to use body worn cameras (BWCs) as an advantage for messaging. The narration principles we cover will allow citizens, judges, and jurors to better understand the situations that officers routinely encounter. Ultimately, this course will help your organization turn exploitation attempts into opportunities for positive messaging.

“Cardinall is the only company that was able to provide a tangible solution to our messaging issues. This training is a must for any public facing organization.”

- Chief of Police, Crestview, FL

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We provide unique and specialized training and support to local government and police. All of our training can be tailored to the specific time and budgetary needs of your organization.

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