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Crisis Communication

CEO under investigation?

Private and sensitive data compromised, or exposed?

Product recalled?

As SERE Specialists and special operations veterans, our team has decades of experience preparing individuals to protect sensitive information and conduct themselves honorably in the most dire situations imaginable. This experience has allows us to bring an effective and unparalleled approach to crisis communication. 

Whether in preparation or response to a crisis, our "Red Cell" method ensures you or your representatives can handle any amount of pressure - from any potential exploiter. In military exercises, the simulated enemy force (red cell) is tasked with planning and executing actions against friendly forces. This allows our military to test itself against a motivated and well equipped enemy who can provide active resistance, ensuring any weaknesses are exposed in a low consequence environment.


We provide the same service to our crisis communication clients. With results always kept discrete and confidential, we provide active opposition that tries to 'beat' your organization in the information domain. We expose where your communication skills are weak and how your message may be exploited, then provide the necessary training and consultation to ensure your organization and reputation remain intact.

Contact us today to speak with a member of our crisis communication team. 

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